Saturday, December 4, 2010

EQ2 To Charge Extra For Expansion Race?

SOE has rolled out an unusual promotion for EQ2 (regular and F2P) in which subscribers will receive access to a new vampire playable race if they remain subscribed from mid-December through February and purchase the upcoming expansion. 

EQ2 last received additional races in paid expansions during 2007 and 2008.  Though it is theoretically possible that this race is 100% exclusive to this one promotion, the more likely guess is that it will be available in the station cash store after the expansion goes live; creating a new race seems like a bit too much work to put into a pre-order bonus.  If the vampires do end up in the store, anyone who does not qualify for this promotion will be required to pay extra for a new race that, in almost any other game out there, would be included in the $40 expansion box. 

The decision to turn this into a loyalty promotion is a clever trick that appears to be working.  Current players won't be out of pocket any additional money (unless they were planning on suspending subscriptions for the uneventful final months of the current expansion), and won't care if disloyal former subscribers need to pay extra.  By the time the 2012 expansion arrives, the precedent will have been set that SOE can task the dev team to work on major features that can carry a separate price tag from the annual expansion, which will presumably remain at its current price even as its features get split off into the cash shop.  Time will tell whether SOE offers the same "free" deal a second time. 

P.S. SOE has previously commented that they feel that the $7.50 price tag on EQ2X race packs is in the neighborhood of what they would charge for an individual race.  As of now, I'm betting that it isn't worth paying $30 for two months of a subscription I wouldn't be using to qualify for the race for "free", and I'm prepared to do without the vampires if my guess is wrong. 

P.P.S. In other news, Feldon reports that EQ2's test server has a change that removes the need for player crafted spell upgrades for use of the spell upgrade research feature.  He notes that this change could be intended to drive demand for "spell research acceleration" consumables currently available in the EQ2X cash shop.  Having spent time leveling spell upgrade crafting professions on both Live and F2P servers, I'm not thrilled with this potential change. 


  1. I find it very interesting that this post and the one preceding it sound so frustrated with the F2P business model.

    Is the honeymoon over?

    Very clearly uncertainty and "doh! I should have waited!" moments are going to be a part of the F2P experience. Yesterday EQ2's extra character slots went on sale for half price just a couple of weeks after I bought three of them. I guess the only way to stay sane is not to worry about it too much but that doesn't help people like you and I who enjoy figuring out the business model as a metagame in itself.

  2. I don't see either post purely as frustration with the F2P model.

    Regarding the previous post, when you buy something that you actually used and it got cheaper later, you just have to learn to be zen about that. When you got something that you didn't even use and the price drops, you just lost a round in the business model metagame.

    As to this post, the issue has almost nothing do with free to play, as it affects the traditional full-priced subscription service equally. SOE appears to be using a marketing trick to justify an extra charge for a feature that would normally be included in the $40 expansion box. Bobby Kotick is kicking himself for not having thought of this before Goblins and Worgen were announced as part of the Cataclysm box.

  3. Woah, that is going to murder the market for crafted spell upgrade items. Not that I sell them anyway on my silver account.

    As for the vampire race, I can't see paying for it at this point. I'd have to buy another extra character slot just to use it, and I'm pretty happy with my current stable of EQ II characters. Advancing all of them even to the mid levels would certainly represent more spare time than I'll likely ever want to put into EQ II.


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