Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Odds and Ends

A handful of tidbits from the last week and a half or so, none of which got written up because none was that exciting.
  • I now own a level 3 character in EQ1.  Yes, the original.  SOE is running another promo in which all players will be rewarded with Station Cash if enough people spam enough of their friends to increase the follower count.  ULLSXLQXU2  On the downside, someone in accounting finally realized that people were using promotional and deeply discounted Station Cash to buy subscription time and removed this option, but at least I can apply this towards the next EQ2 expansion.
  • A riddle for your consideration:  I have something that I was given in order to share it with a friend.  I can't say what it is, I can't say why I have it, and people who don't need it can't say that they don't need it.  Can you solve The Secret? 
  • Last week was Darkmoon Faire week in Azeroth, so I signed on to snag the monthly tickets from the monthly profession quests.  This felt like a really small number of tickets, but I double checked and confirmed that no, the numbers have been that low since the thing got off the test server.  If there is a nerf conspiracy coming, it hasn't arrived yet.  EU2TMXWJX5 

Meanwhile, my SWTOR server apparently just went eligible for "transferring everyone off but not calling it a merge" status, time to go take care of that.  I'll hold my commentary until we get the final numbers, but the sheer number of servers with one-way transfers off is far greater than I was anticipating.


  1. My question is, why didn't you want to play?

    Or are you already...?

  2. It looks like most of the PvE RP servers are being consolidated into two. There is an east coast and west coast target. I'm glad the Mercy Corps decided to move with the rest of the server. If nothing else, PvP battlegrounds and the AH economy should be much more healthy where we are headed.

    I found this really helpful:

    It's a bit odd that the west coast target server only has two feeders so far.

    Also, if what you have is a beta invite to an upcoming Funcom game, I'd love to see if my current PC can run it well without buying the client. It's been on my radar for a while, but my rig is getting old enough that it makes little sense to try new MMOs before I can take them for a spin for free.

  3. Oh *that's* where my extra Station Cash is coming from! That was confusing me no end.

    If you are talking about a TSW beta key, let me just say the last BWE was a lot of fun and I plan on playing the heck out of this one, not least since some real life commitments are going to mean I miss almost all the head-start and first week thanks to the change of launch date.

  4. The quirk to the way I did this is that I have no idea whether anyone has put one and three together yet. (I guess they could email me if they wanted.)

  5. But lets be fair, Mr. Armadillo. If the recipient of your gift were an agent of chaos or a member of the covert Illuminati, they probably wouldn't tell you they cracked your simple code, would they?


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