Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seatech Astronomy

The Secret World launch is less than two weeks away, and the only public information I've seen on the beta (as opposed to the relatively open weekend events) is a few blogposts from folks who have beta keys to give away.  One of my readers sent me an email containing a pair of such keys.  Due to the presumably limited time left to take advantage of these, I'm not going to do anything creative with em - first two emails to my inbox ( get a key, I'll edit this when they're gone.

Winners have been identified and contacted, keep your eyes peeled if you're still looking, seems like there are more of these things going around as it draws to a close.


  1. Heh! If you'd had them a few weeks back I'd have given it a shot but it's not worth it now. I'm already at the point of not playing the beta weekends too much because I am already thinking about my permanent character.

    I have heard, repeatedly, that a high proportion of closed beta testers have pre-ordered, which, if true, is a good sign. No clue how the people who keep claiming this know, though.

  2. /getdown

    Thanks for the key!

  3. I had a hell of a lot of fun last weekend. Thanks so much for hooking me up. I am debating whether to pre-order largely on the fact that

    1. None of the preo-rder bonuses seem all that stunning


    2. Funcom boned it's last two launches pretty badly. It's likely better to wait a month or so for them to fix whatever it is they will bone.

    That said, I'm still considering a pre-order.


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