Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poll: Would you pay Blizzard to start a (non-DK) WoW character at level 55?

I was talking about alts yesterday, and I got to thinking about whether WoW may have a "paid instant level 55" service in its future. This doesn't seem like too much of a stretch, with the recruitment exp bonus and a wide variety of other paid features in the game of late. What say you?

Would you pay Blizzard to start a new (non-DK) character at level 55?
- Yes! 20-60 is the worst content in the game.
- Maybe, if the price was right (e.g. $25/character)
- No, I don't need more alts.
- No, there's no point to paying NOT to play the game.

Polling is open in the sidebar, and will stay up for a month or so. I'll hold my potentially bias-inducing commentary til whenever I close the thing.


  1. Option #4! I personally don't think it is the worst content in the game, however.

  2. Option 2, but that would depend on a similar introduction at Level 55 like the the DK got.

  3. How about, "No, if I can start a DK at 55, I should be able to start any character at 55."

  4. No, I wouldn't pay.

    After playing since launch and levelling multiple characters to 70, I couldn't see such a move as anything else than a shameless money-grub and slap in the face. I bet a LOT of other players would feel the same.

    There's nothing "heroic" about starting a character at level 55, so that justification for making it free for DKs just doesn't wash.

    And a 55 level penalty for rolling any new alt that isn't a DK doesn't seem to me to be a realistic long term option either. Blizzard is going to have to do something to keep players happy and class populations more balanced.

    My money is on them starting some process that will eventually lead to players being able to start any class at a higher level.

    Instead, I think they may offer paid customization for things like changing your characters' gender or race or other mainly cosmetic changes. People have asked for these options for a while and there's already precedent for charging for things like name changes.

  5. @Pidge: I absolutely agree that the 55 level penalty is an untenable situation (and, as I wrote yesterday, that isn't even all the perks DK's get). I've predicted in the past that they will have to introduce this in some way, shape, or form sometime in 2009. They obviously can't say anything about it now, because the last thing they want is for everyone to give up on low level alts until the new system goes in.

    As to the specifics, I'll definitely comment more on those once the dust settles.

  6. Personally, I wouldn't pay but I can see this being implemented in the future.

  7. Yes. I would like to try some other classes at higher levels, but I don't have the time to level them from scratch between family, school, and work. Right now the DK is very tempting for just that reason.


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