Sunday, February 6, 2011

WoW Valentine's Bugfail

WoW's Valentine's event is up and running with a variety of bugs of moderate severity because the event apparently wasn't updated to account for the new expansion.  Most are expected to be fixed by Tuesday's patch. 

One thing that isn't on the list but might be a bug is the bouquet of roses, which only drops from a handful of 5-man instance bosses... in old Wrath era dungeons.  The easiest, the first boss of UK, can be easily soloed on normal mode by most, if not all, level 80+ characters.  Soloing this means not having to look for a group and rolling five ways to see who gets the bouquet (after which some groups will literally disband, to the chagrin of anyone who wanted to complete the dungeon).

My guess is that this was not intended, and that the bouquet drop will be moved to Cataclysm five-man dungeons as soon as Blizzard can manage.  If you're in the market for a bouquet, I'd fly to UK with all due speed before this gets fixed. 

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