Friday, November 25, 2011

Capped In DCUO

Green Armadillo hit DCUO's level cap (30) on Wednesday. 
He's currently got 31 skill points, 15 from levels and the rest from feats, the game's version of achievements.  I'm not sure exactly what the cap is on this, but realistically most characters are going to want a melee and a ranged weapon with 6-9 points each in attack combos.  Beyond that, you're just picking up additional weapon types and/or passive stats. 

One thing that struck me about the experience was how much of the content I used on the way to the top.  Solo missions are automatically granted when you reach the appropriate level, and I have completed most of them.  There is one level 23 quest instance I skipped due to a massively over-tuned final fight, and two level 29 questlines that I have advanced to the final story instances but not yet completed.  There may be some sidequests that I have missed - I don't know if the ones I have yet to complete are for level 30 or earlier ones that I missed - and there is also exp to be had for completing race courses in the world.  That said, there will be almost no new leveling content for future Hero alts, and the Villain content generally mirrors the Hero questlines. 

On the plus side, there is a fair amount of additional content at level 30, including "challenge modes" of lower level solo instances.  There's also the DLC, which I will probably partake of eventually (either via subscription or paid unlock).  In the mean time, DCUO is now the fourth MMO where I have owned a max level character, so I guess that speaks to the quality of the leveling experience (at least once). 


  1. What do you think of the doorway blockers in Gotham police station? Why are there always a***holes around when you don't need them?

  2. This is unfortunate, but I don't think SOE is entirely blameless. They built a game with collision detection and then built a hallway with a low enough ceiling grate that a single character can block it. People suck, but this should not be news to a studio that's been around as long as SOE. Fortunately, it's easy enough to go around, but there needs to be a longer term fix.


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