Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If you can't say something nice?

There are a few things I could blog about today.  I'm strangely not excited about writing any of them.  I suppose when you've been at this for long enough, there are relatively fewer things that you can write that you haven't written in the past and/or don't expect to be covering repeatedly as the news in question gets closer to the present? 

On the plus side, I suppose the upshot to having a blog that's nearly four years old is that it gets easier to just shrug, /punt, and go hit the raidfinder or something. 


  1. I just don't post on that day. I feel like if I have nothing to say, I shouldn't waste time by saying that I got nothing to say today.

    Not that I am trying to pass a hint or anything...



  2. You could always say mean things about that EpicSlant guy!


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