Monday, February 13, 2012

Triumph of the Hot Pink Flightless Bird

With a few days to spare, I've snagged one exceedingly pink mount - the Valentine's Swift Lovebird, which takes the relatively less common Strider model and turns it very pink indeed.  The latest addition to the event is not without its downsides - you can snag 30-40 tickets per day (with an extremely limited/costly approach for getting more in a hurry if you must) and the mount requires 270.  I.e. you'll have to play on most of the days of the event if you want the mount.

That said, this mount differs from past world event grinds in that almost all of the grind is earned from killing mobs that you'll be killing anyway in just about any activity that you can do in WoW.  There's a quick and easy daily to hop the portal to Uldum, and the obligatory fight against a holiday boss who may not last longer than the duration of Heroism/Bloodlust/Timewarp, but in general all you need to do is play. 

This is a much better approach than introducing some new activity, such as a minigame or a trick or treat RNG-fest.  If you're playing WoW, you are probably willing to tolerate killing mobs. 


  1. Gratz! Gnome looks so cute on that mount. A couple more days and I shall have mine too... Now for that love rocket, which won't drop for me >.>

  2. Another way is to just farm the bracelets and get the mount that way. Learn the first, sell the rest. They are going for quite a bit of profit right now.

  3. @Bronte: Yes, you can farm up 270 bracelets - 2700 charms, at drop rates somewhere in the neighborhood of 33-50% per. I'd suggest that by the time you're farming the better part of 10K mobs, you're going to have the money you need whether or not a bird mount is involved.

  4. @Green Armadillo:

    Not if you are in Throne of the Tides :)


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