Monday, July 23, 2012

Back at the LOTRO Cap

My Champion hit level 75 in LOTRO, which brings me back to the level cap, albeit for a relatively brief time.  I finished the main story from the Isengard launch, but plenty of content remains, including the entire Great River zone and large portions of the sidequests of Isengard. 

Not much new to report here, but one minor quirk - because Turbine's model offers free players access to the current level cap, exterior zones, and epic story, it is important that I finish this content now, rather than after the expansion.  There's no option not to purchase the new level cap, and therefore no option NOT to advance beyond it until I've run out of content.  Ah well, at least it's been a good ride thus far. 


  1. I also recently reached the current cap but have been debating whether to finish all level 75 content in Great River now while the 75 cap is in place.

    Will Riders of Rohan not have enough quest XP to advance to level 85? I recall that many players said that Isengard did not originally have enough quest XP and so players had to grind or turn in tasks to get to cap. I assume this was intentional by Turbine since they want players to keep playing and not reach cap too quickly, at least until the multiplayer instances are later released and they can increase the quest XP at that time.

    Assuming that will be the case for Rohan, is it better to save lots of Great River quests until after the Rohan expansion so I won't have to grind to get to cap?

    If that

  2. I was very disappointed with the story in the Great River region. Sure the Stangard intrigue with nicely done but everything else was ridiculous "kill ten rat" quests. I found them not very imaginative.


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