Friday, August 31, 2012

What I've Been Working On: DCUO

DCUO gets the next slot in my Labor Day round-up in recognition of other news in comic MMORPG's.   I picked up all of the remaining DLC's when I was dumping my now generally useless Station Cash.  As a result, I now own the new Captain America shield weaponset for all characters, along with the Green/Yellow Lantern and the Earth powersets (if I make new characters), along with a few additional chunks of content. 

One of the newer additions - I can't tell if this required DLC or not - are soloable daily quests that award two of the tier two dungeon tokens daily.  On the plus side, this can help grind out the tokens needed to get the gear required to access some of the content I already owned - on the downside, this doesn't make the daily quest grind any less of a daily quest grind.  I'm keeping an open mind, but overall I'm not spending much time in game.

If you'd told me that one superhero MMO had abruptly announced plans to close today, I would have guessed DCUO over City of Heroes/Villians.  SOE is not NCsoft, but DCUO never really took off and is shackled with the costs of a licensed IP - the only significant scenario in which SOE has been forced to pull the plug on MMORPG's.  By contrast, Paragon Studios' offering was an original IP that recently went free to play, and had an eight and a half year history behind it.  I guess we finally have hard evidence that a business model change is not guaranteed to save every MMO that makes the attempt. 

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  1. CoX may not be pulling in a ton of cash, but I suspect that if anyone besides EA or NCsoft was managing the game it would be in no danger of closure.


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