Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vacation photos

I spent part of the weekend partaking of the great (offline) outdoors, therefore you get pictures instead of gaming analysis.

Welcome to the Blackrock Mountain Parking area, please park your mounts here for all your BRD, BRS, MC, and BWL grouping needs. Due to imbeciles slaughtering flying mounts in search of [Chromatic Carapace], Rend Blackhand's parking service claims no responsibility for damage to parked mounts.

The Azeroth park service would like to remind players not to feed, or attempt to tame, the wildlife. Deer standing around by the road are cute the first time. They're worth stopping to take a picture the second time. By the time you've had six encounters with a total of 12 deer, one of which made its best effort to throw itself in front of your car at the last possible moment, they're somewhat less endearing. Don't feed the bleeping deer so they won't hang out by the road expecting food, kthxbye.

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Xtian said...

I lol'd. This is an awesome post.