Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ghostcrawler Hates Me Now....

With the 3.1 PTR's due sooner than "soon", I've been watching the MMO-Champion Blue Tracker relatively closely. Monday morning, I saw something interesting posted by Ghostcrawler, WoW's Lead System Designer, suggesting that there are actually other games out there that are worth playing.

I wrote a quick post about it entitled "Official Confirmation of the New WoW Business Model". I felt it was remarkable in the literal sense of the word, worth remarking upon. I didn't feel it was major breaking news, and I didn't even leave it on the top of my feed for more than four hours.

Then Tobold picked up the story, under the headline "Why Aren't Other MMORPG's Doing Better?".

Then Massively picked up the story, under the headline "WoW Lead Systems Designer tells people to play other games".

Now poor Ghostcrawler is probably tied to a chair in the Blizzard PR office, where they're explaining to him that he can't post things like that because some idiot blogger whose blog is about making developers miserable is going to notice and then there's going to be an embarrassing headline on Massively with his name on it.

(Note to the inquisitor currently beating Ghostcrawler with a rolled up stack of printouts of his posts - "Player vs Developer" is a phrase I use to mean "getting loot by beating the meta game", as opposed to other players (PVP) or scripted raid encounters (PVE). I'm not actually trying to ruin anyone's day here, really....)

If the next build of the 3.1 PTR's nerfs Frost mages "TO THE GROUND, BABY", I guess it will be all my fault.

(P.S. I'd love to know what all the high profile links are doing to my traffic, but apparently Google turned off Feedburner's stat-tracking feature when they migrated the feeds earlier this month. Thank you, Google!)


Tobold said...

Yes, I noticed Feedburner stat-tracker not listing site visits any more. But then, the Feedburner number never was reliable. I recommend Google Analytics, which is probably what Google recommends too, and thus the reason why they switched off the Feedburner site-tracker.

Green Armadillo said...

Yeah, that's what I ended up doing, and it seems to be tracking now. I don't really check my stats very often - maybe every other week to find out whether there's someone linking me that I want to link back to - so I didn't know that I wasn't actually collecting traffic data anymore.

Daria said...

LOL I wouldn't worry about it too much, I doubt this is going to affect Blizzard's business. Grats on the press!

krizzlybear said...

Ok, you heard it here folks. If Frost Mages get nerfed, or at least, do not get enough love this coming expansion, I'm putting the responsibility solely on GA's shoulders, and completely call him out on it when 3.1 lands.

MrMe said...

Love for mages? Seriously? Frost and Arcane are so overbuffed as of 3.3 its a disgrace. Casters with Cleave is a Fing Disgrace. 3.3 will turn them into gods only to appease the RMP facerollers who also raid... and probably in the same gear.

How about some love for Balance who just got nerfed .. again... Balance.... got nerfed. Yet this mother fucker cant figure out how to balance or even nerf a paladin, but a Sub rogue, Shadow priest, Enh shaman or Balance druid oh well hell they get nerfed no matter how already fucked they are.

Fuck your OP mage asshole.
And fuck Greg Street AKA Ghostcrawler, fucking piece of shit.