Friday, May 22, 2009

Everybody's Working On The Weekend

I suppose this would have been more appropriate for July 4th, but it's still funny.

SOE has rolled out a double exp weekend, including crafting exp. Since that area has been a bit of a struggle for me, I'm pretty happy with this development (though I wish they'd announced it sooner, so I could have saved more tradeskill vitality for the occasion). I burned through a level in about 20 minutes flat this afternoon, which is a good thing given that Lyriana gained two adventuring levels in the last day and a half.

I can see pros and cons to this sort of event. Many players, myself included, travel on holiday weekends, and might not get to take advantage. Also, there's a real question of whether I WANT more bonus exp, given that my adventuring level is advancing just fine with the boosts I already have. (There is an option to disable bonus exp, which I may temporarily activate, though I'm not sure exactly what it applies to.)

Then again, I suppose a little perk or two can be a good thing, especially since the bonuses run through Tuesday. Hope all your cookouts are free from bits of exploded Fae!

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