Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bonus Panda Abuse

Yesterday, I wrote:
There's apparently a cosmetic illusion that lets you turn into a Panda, so that bit of abuse is probably in Lyriana's future at some point down the line.
I underestimated the ease of faction grinding in modern EQ2.  Lyriana maxxed out her faction with the Pandas, and now gets to disguise herself as one.  Lyriana, show the good readers of PVD your new look!

I hate my life so much right now.

Come on, Lyriana, our faithful readers just want to see the latest incentives in EQ2!

I have no problem with stabbing you repeatedly using this glowing cosmetic katana of idiotic Panda disguising you're so fond of.

Aaaand that's all the time we have for today folks!

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