Monday, September 20, 2010

PVD On The Multiverse

The latest episode of The Multiverse is out, and, if you've been waiting for years to hear the sound of my voice, your day has arrived.  Apparently I use about as many words when I'm on a podcast as I do when I'm writing a blogpost, so listeners can expect to hear me rambling on for a significant portion of the episode's hundred minutes.  Major topics include the prospects of Cataclysm, the state of EQ2, the role of the subscription in the future of MMO's, and a very special message for John Smedley. 

I'd like to thank Ferrel and Chris for having me on the show (and express my regrets for having missed out on Riknas).  The Multiverse at its core is a bunch of knowledgeable, intelligent bloggers sitting around and talking about our favorite hobby, and they were very welcoming for this podcasting newbie. 

I'll also say that it's a bit odd being on a podcast that you actually listen to, because you're used to hearing their voices and you might even talk back occasionally, but they don't usually hear you when you do.  Regardless, it sounds like I was reasonably coherent, even though I was a bit flustered at the top of the show after the two of them spent several minutes talking about how great they think I am or something.  /blush  I'd visit this show again anytime.

I would like to echo the shout-outs I made on the air to DDO Cast, LOTRO Reporter, and EQ2 Wire for being tremendous resources on their respective games.  I really do rely on these sites for the in-depth coverage that I need to stay on top of the news while juggling so many games.

Anyway, head on over to to listen to the episode!

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Guinadrodd said...

Awesome podcast! I really enjoyed the discussion. Wish you were on Multiverse every week!