Friday, November 26, 2010

The Worgen Are Amongst Us

For those of you who aren't with family or out shopping, I give you a screenshot of a Worgen questgiver.  I ran into her running the revamped Western Plaguelands (now with substantially less plague), working for the Cenarion Circle.  Apparently they're Austrailian or something judging from the accents. 


Anonymous said...

Strike a light, me 'ole china!!

They're Laandaaan Geezas !

Aussie my elbow !

Anonymous said...

...oops, I can feel the hook stuck in me gullet, sayin' nuffin of the line and the sinker....

Amphigory said...

LOL I guess you haven't heard enough australian accents to identify them

It is more closer to cockney like accent in a victorian england setting.

Far from australian!!