Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DCUO Platform Communication Fail?

Massively reports info on launch date and pricing for the DC Universe Online action MMO.  The game abruptly announced plans to release in under three weeks, on January 11th, at the new MMO price point of $50 for the box and the first month, with a monthly fee of $15/month thereafter (or subscription included in Sony's $30/month Station Pass with all their other games). There is understandable concern about the sudden launch, and I'm not betting on it going smoothly as a result.

The thing that strikes me as interesting is the option to play the game on the PS3 - though it is a bit amusing that Sony's console division is charging their MMO division the $10 PS3 tax, bumping the retail price of the game to the PS3-standard $60.  Beta players have said that the game plays better with a controller anyway, and my TV/sound system are certainly more impressive than my monitor and speakers.  That said, I have some obvious questions about this option. 

Do PS3 and PC players use the same servers?  If I purchase the client once (e.g. the PS3 version), can I download the other version, or do I need to pay twice?  If I can buy the game for the PS3 and attach it to my existing Station account, playing on the big screen when I'm at home and my PC when I'm not, it's potentially a decent deal.  If the two are incompatible, the console version becomes much less interesting, and the game probably moves into "wait for sales" territory for me. 

Perhaps these questions have been answered in interviews for people who were paying attention during alpha/beta, but they're nowhere to be found on the game's website. Apparently that's one aspect of the game that isn't ready for the newly advanced launch schedule. 


Barakah said...

Not sure if buying the console version would allow you to download the PC client, but SOE has stated that there are separate servers for PS3 and PC.

Bronte said...

That is quite sudden...and pretty disconcerting...

Dick said...

The PC version plays horribly with a mouse and keyboard. They seemed to attempt to try to do the Arkham Asylum scheme, but failed miserably. Do not buy this for the PC unless you plan to use a controller, and even then, it's not that good. They were definitely designing this for the console the entire time, as PC MMO players will find it very lacking and disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to buy it for one system, say the PS3, and use it on both. Have you ever, in the history of gaming, been able to buy a game for one console and pick it up free for another?

Not much chance. Still, I'm hoping it's good for a more action oriented take on it. I'll buy it for PC and use my 360 controller.

Redxx said...

"Dick: PC MMO players will find it very lacking and disappointing."

What poll did you take this from?
Are you playing with any friends?
What are some of your favorite games?

The reason I ask these things is because your Opinions (one sided opinions) are very far off from the general beta community. Including myself and the 5 poeple from my WOW guild (Epitome') who are currently testing the game. Remember, its still in beta!

That being said
No its NOT a normal MMO and doesn't play like any MMO. The controls are extremely simple so simple minded people who like killing lots of things will find it very enjoyable (like me).

My friend who is trying the PS3 version says more or less the same about the PS3 version.

The main reason its being released so quickly is the reason testers are so impressed...Its smoother and more polished than any game most of us have ever tried in beta format (most notably, its light years ahead of FF14 and the fiasco it has become).

All of that being said there are things that I didn't like. Most importantly is the over simplicity of the toon creator. Its not bad and I have yet to see any two alike avatars but it could be better. Although it has been promised that a more indepth creator and more options will be available at launch and releasable future content.

Why do I seem so vehement about defending this game? Because its the first MMO since WOW that I actually like playing for more than a couple of days, and I'm not the only one. Its different in almost everyway and offers excellent single player content alond with decent grouping content. Its also badass to create a super hero and fullfill a childhood dream.

People who want a traditional point and click rpg with complex gearing and established min/maxing of everything are going to be completely and utterly disappointed.

If your just plain skeptical then until after its released and either depend on game-site reviews or get a friends trial pass.

Until then don't listen to people like me or Dick...we have no idea what we are talking about.

Yeebo said...

I'd be looking forward o DCUO a lot more if I had a PS3. From all I have read it's not something I'd be likely to enjoy on the PC. Still, I'll certainly take it for a spin whenever a trail becomes available.