Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PVD On Summer Break

Public service announcement: PVD is going on end of summer break for the back half of August.  Between vacation and various miscellany, I don't see a ton of time for either gaming or blogging about gaming in the next 2-3 weeks.  Perhaps I could have found time to sneak in a post or two, but it's easier all around for me to close up shop and not worry about "deadlines".  I should be back in time to wrap up PAX and laugh about how incorrect my incorrect predictions really were (hint: the main DDO prediction got blown out of the water this week, and even my Blizzcon predictions for October are looking shot). 

Comments will stay open until I actually hit the road, and I may or may not get in another post before the end of the week.  While I'm actually gone, all comments will be moderated for approval after I get back.  Have a good rest of summer, and I'll see you all around the beginning of September! 


Syp said...

Have a great break!

Stabs said...

Always enjoy your thoughts. Have a lovely break and come back inspired!

Ferrel said...

Have a good vacation and come back soon!