Thursday, December 8, 2011

SOE's EQ2 Generosity

Big news on the EQ2 forums today - all EQ2-Live characters created prior to the free-to-play conversion will be grandfathered in for non-subscription access to their race/class.  Players who purchased access to these options after the relaunch will have their Station Cash refunded, as you will now only need to unlock the race/class if you intend to make additional characters using that option. 

Lots of locks, all going away tomorrow

Personally, all seven of my seven EQ2 Live characters are currently locked - all seven are premium races and six of the seven are premium classes.  I had resigned myself to paying to unlock Lyriana and never touching the other six characters again.  Now, I will have permanent access to all of them, and I was even granted enough character slots to use all of them without re-subscribing because I filled all my slots on EQ2X with placeholders to save names in case I ever copied Lyriana over. 

I don't agree with a number of decisions the EQ2 team has made in the last year, especially on the business model, but I have to tip my cap on this unexpected and generous move.  In fairness, SOE will make some money off this deal - I personally will immediately use my Station Cash balance (albeit unpaid, from various promos over the years) to purchase gear unlocks and bag slot unlocks (I don't remember when these went into EQ2X, but I'm shocked that you can expand your inventory back up to the full six bagslots for only $3).  Even so, I think they're leaving a significant amount of money on the table to make sure that they're doing right by former players, in a situation where I don't think they were in the wrong to begin with. 


Yeebo said...

Wow. Man I might need to try and remember my old SOE login, I had a ton of characters on AB at one time.

Bhagpuss said...

Great move. I wonder if they will get more publicity and goodwill from getting this wrong then very quickly making it right than they would have gotten from getting it right in the first place?

I already have access to all my characters because I'm a paying subscriber. My question is, if I drop that subscription later, will I get grandfather rights on the characters that I made before 6/12/11? I bet I don't. These "Welcome back" deals almost always heavily disadvantage current subscribers.

I don't care though. I can always make new characters and leveling up new ones is more fun than playing old ones every time.

Green Armadillo said...

@Yeebo: You started a new Station account for EQ2X? Too bad if so, you could have gotten some free character slots out of having them on your new account. :-/

@Bhagpuss: I don't think this gets them much extra publicity. If anything, some returning vets may have already made up their minds that the service is not trustworthy based on the first impression.

You might lose the bet about whether your grandfathered characters can play after your sub lapses. I know they had this tech for paid copies from EQ2Live to EQ2X where the character would be playable after your live sub lapsed.

Green Armadillo said...

P.S. I don't know why, but for some reason Google thinks you're a dirty spammer. I can't remember ever seeing a false positive from the spam filter before, but your comments are repeatedly going to the spam bin. My apologies, I'd fix this if I knew how.

kaozz said...

I'm very glad they decided to do this, I have quite a few locked chars. I logged in yesterday to be sort of disappointed but this news made things feel much more welcoming.

Yeebo said...

@Green Armadillo: I did start a new SOE account for EQ2X, mainly because I couldn't remember my old log in and I couldn't be bothered to try and figure it out. When they were separate services it seemed completely irrelevant. As it stands I have more characters in my EQ2X account than I will likely ever play to the end of the silver content, so I'm not too upset over the missed opportunity.

Bhagpuss said...

I think the Spam thing might be related to NoScript, even though I have Blogger itself whitelisted. The first time each session that I post to any Blogger blog I get an error message and the post vanishes. I'm now in the habit of copying my comment before posting and then immediately pasting it back in and re-posting, whereupon it is accepted.

Perhaps the two identical comments submitted very close together is triggering the spam filter. That would make sense. I'll try to remember to turn NoScript off before posting in future and see if that stops it.