Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I've Been Working On: World of Warcraft

I signed in briefly to make the rounds of all my characters in the wake of WoW's new patch. 

Triumph of the Brew Kodo earned on one of my alts
As promised, mounts (subject to faction/class restrictions), pets, and achievements are relatively account-wide.  Realistically, the overwhelming majority of these were only on my main character to begin with, but the upshot is that my main character picks up a handful of new options, including the coveted Brew Kodo (which I had won on my Tauren warrior - like he needed more Kodos).  For reference, prior to logging into my main my account had 3565 achievement points, 43 pets, and 20ish mounts (Alliance side).  Afterwards, the numbers were 90 mounts, 168 pets (! - includes some duplicates due to how the new battle system works) and 7495 achievement points.  Apparently account-wide credit was also enough to push me over 2500 daily quests completed. 

More generally, the changes to game systems, like talents and glyphs, are confusing and at least temporarily disruptive for someone who comes into them mid-patch (i.e. basically everyone who played the game prior to Tuesday).  For example, Arcane Blast applying slow automagically is now a glyph and one that I happen not to have because that glyph was previously useless.  That said, I am already liking the system better - there are some legitimately interesting choices amongst the talents and glyphs, and it's not like the overwhelming majority of your talent points under most previous incarnations of the system weren't obvious.  I suppose they should have taken last expansion's revamp this far rather than revamping dramatically twice in a row, but at least they've done the job properly this time. 

In the short term, my plan is still to use the period before the launch to complete some unfinished business from the Cataclysm era.  I can't entirely rule out working on an alt, especially if one or more classes have changed in interesting ways, but ironically all the changes make it hard for me to tell which alt to work on.  That said, the bigger question is whether Pandaria will be the first WoW expansion that I don't bother to purchase on launch day. 

This is not purely a referendum on Pandaria - I haven't paid full price for an MMO box/expansion since probably Wrath, and I have many other things I am working on.  Basically, the only reason why I'd even consider fitting Pandaria into my schedule next month would be because I would have a month of time remaining on my annual pass.  Then again, I can use that time to mess around with pet battles and even roll a baby Pandaren alt through the newbie areas (which will supposedly not require the expansion) and call it even.  Blizzard's decision to forgo a launch event in favor of a one-week level 85 preview of a level 90 scenario is pretty lackluster in terms of competing for my interest in a busy period of MMO's.  Guess we'll see how I'm feeling on this in late September. 


Carson 63000 said...

I'm pretty sure that for me also Pandaria will be the first WoW expansion that I don't purchase on launch day.

I'm positive I'll pick it up and play it - the content in every expansion has been beyond excellent and I'm sure that will be the case in MoP as well. But I'm just buried in games at the moment, with GW2 coming out a few weeks after my enthusiasm for Diablo 3 got re-ignited. Couldn't possibly handle a third game at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The changes have been so widespread that my head is spinning. I haven't even gotten into choosing my glyphs yet (aside from picking up glyph of the stag to make my now stag travel form rideable) because I'm still trying to get used to all these changes to my abilities. Still not sure how I feel about the new talent point system. I like how it's streamlined, I guess, but at the same time something feels missing and I also feel terribly naked without all my previous skills.