Monday, March 30, 2009

The Waaagh-bulance arrives too late...

PVD and Waaagh have had an occasionally colorful history. On one occasion, I worried that Blizzard's latest PR move would make Syp's head explode, and he took up the gauntlet with Michael J. Fox in tow. In one of my serveral appearences on the Bloody Twenty, Syp suggested that I had linked him about a dozen times in my post on Warhammer's 1.2 Patch. Needless to say, I was a bit sad to see the blog's farewell post this morning.

For me, Waaagh was not merely a source of free traffic from the web's premier Warhammer site (and possibly its most prolific, at least back in its heyday). Given my blog's focus, I need good sources of updates on games that I'm not playing at the moment. It's pretty hard for a single site to provide all the news that's fit to print to cover an entire game - most of us aspire to a very specific niche at best - but Syp actually pulled it off in the months before and after Warhammer's launch. He could garner about a dozen links in a single retrospective precisely because I could count on him to have a post about each and every event in Warhammer history that I needed background information on.

The good news is that I needn't miss the writing, since Syp has started a new blog called "Bio Break" (free from Gameriot's comment registration requirement). Still, it's kind of the end of an era, with the King retiring to a quieter home in the country, Book of Grudges doing its best impression of Schrodinger's (Nerf-the-) Cat and The Greenskin "on crutches". You can't always get what you Waaagh, but I hope Syp finds his new place gets what he needs.

(And hey, I can relate to the desire for a broader, multi-game focus; the majority of my posts and the vast majority of my readers follow WoW, but I definitely enjoy the freedom to talk about other games.)

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