Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Triumph of the Mechanostrider

Cheerydeth the Third hit level 30 this morning. Thanks to a change introduced in last summer's 2.4.3 minipatch, this means that she gets to pay a visit to the riding instructor 10 levels "early". I immediately got an in-game mail from the riding instructor pointing out that I was eligible for a mount and explaining where to go (and how much money to bring). I don't know if this has been around since the summer, or if it's more recent (it may have been triggered by the achievement for level 30, since achievements can trigger mail messages), but it's good feature for players who didn't know this information.

Cheery has been making very rapid progress thanks to her rich uncle Greenwiz. She wields a [Balanced Heartseeker] with the once-coveted Crusader enchant, a [Sharpened Scarlet Kris] with the Lifestealing enchant, and a pair of the Wintergrasp [Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders], enchanted with a [Zandalar Signet of Might]. (The enchant is currently no longer allowed due to its effects on twinking, but was not removed from existing items. It appears that patch 3.1 will temporarily deactivate high level enchants when equipped on low level characters, so presumably Cheery will be down 30 attack power on patch day.)

It may seem like she's been advancing slowly in real-time, but I only play Cheery when she has rested exp available. I'd say I'm gaining a level every 1-2 hours of serious play thanks to all the perks and general knowledge of where to find stuff. The journey should only move faster now that I have a stable of mounts to choose from. (I was torn between red and unpainted grey until I remembered that Greenwiz can rake in 36 gold in a matter of minutes - I'll set Cheery up with a random mount macro so she can pull up a random colored strider each time I summon one.) It's nice to see Cheerydeth back on a Mechanostrider after the issues getting one the last time around. :)


  1. The last character I had that went to 30 was my mage back in late December 08 (three months ago) and they were not sending out e-mails then.

    Generally, I found that this is the way leveling works for me (hours per level non-rested xp).

    1-20: 1-2 hours
    20-40: 3-4 hours
    40-60: 4-5 hours

    Right now it is a real pain is to find PUGs to do old world instances. That slows down leveling more than anything else.

  2. I heard that those shoulders will award 10% for quest xp come patch day as well.


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