Saturday, December 19, 2009

Half Off Torchlight This Weekend

Via Kotaku, Torchlight is on sale for 50% off - a final price of $10 - on Steam this weekend. I mentioned the Diablo-like game a bit over a week ago because it may become an MMORPG, but I hadn't been in any huge hurry to pick it up. At $10, I decided it was worth stashing away for later (though it actually might run on my graphics-card-less laptop, and therefore be usable over the holiday weekend).

I'm not getting any sort of deal for mentioning this, but I figured I'd point out the sale in case anyone else here was on the fence about this game.


  1. Worth mentioning that for once European's aren't getting completely screwed. The Euro version of Torchlight is €7.99 which is reasonable enough given the different sales tax regimes that apply over here.

    I played through the demo and it was an entertaining couple of hours but even after such a short time I felt it was getting repetitive. At such a low price though it is still very tempting as a game to play in spurts when I feel like a mindless Dungeon Crawl.

  2. Torchlight is very much worth ten bucks.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, I wish I had 10 bucks now....


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