Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh Hai-dralisk

My Hydralisks: Let Me Show You Them

Somewhere under that mob of hydralisks is my base. Well, that's partially accurate, technically speaking some of the hydralisks are burrowed UNDER the base that the rest of the hydralisks are burying. Note that there also also some drones and larva, which are not to be confused for hydralisks, milling around or trying to go about their business.

How many hydralisks, you might ask? That's a good question. Closest guess posted in the comments of this post by no later than 11:59 PM EST on March 21st gets a Starcraft 2 beta key. In the event of a tie, the bonus tiebreaker question is how many of these little guys died when I finally got around to sending them off to destroy the Artificial Supposed-Intelligence that sat around ever so patiently waiting for me to amass this little army. If it's somehow still tied after that, I'll go by earliest timestamp with the relevant answers.

P.S. Blizzard seems to have sent a bonus key to most SC2 beta participants, so I'm about 99% sure that it's legit. The email does point to the US site, though, so my guess is that the key WILL NOT work if your local is not the US one. If you want to post a guess for the heck of it but don't want to be counted, say so in the comments. Otherwise, make sure that either you're commenting from a Blogger account (so I can verify your identity) or that you leave an email address so I know where to send your prize.

Have fun!

EDIT: Clarification, when I said "midnight" 3/21, I meant 11:59 PM PST 3/21. I will lock comments on this post at midnight if I'm still awake, or first thing in the morning on 3/22 if I'm not.

12:09 AM, 3/22: And now the contest is over! The winner is Logan, details here.


  1. 87.... and 1 was lost when you attacked the AI.

  2. 82 and you lost 7, 4 to units, 3 to towers/spinecrawlers/cannons

  3. 83 and none of them died when you attacked.

  4. I have no idea why I thought EST meant PST. O_O

  5. @Pan: My intent was "11:59 PM" on 3/21, though I'll concede that what I wrote was potentially confusing. Edited the OP accordingly.

  6. By my count it's midnight, which means this party is over. Post announcing the winner in a minute.