Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unreasonable Player Expectations

Quoth Cryptic's Bill Roper, in an interview with Massively:
"If a game comes out and it's not what the players believed it was going to be, what they think they deserve, what they were promised -- the amount of rage associated with that is kind of frightening, to be honest."

Where do players get these crazy ideas from?

For example, imagine that a hypothetical producer was out making comments about how some equivalent for gameplay-effecting items in the real money item shop will be available through in-game means. Why would someone reading that statement be surprised if, less than six months post-launch, the game announces plans for a paid "expansion" that is no larger than the content patches that all of the other games on the market include in their monthly fees? No one promised that new content would be included in the monthly fee, regardless of whether or not it looks suspiciously like "content that didn't get finished in time for the game's full priced retail launch".

Besides, it's not like trust matters in the MMORPG marketplace or anything.


  1. Given his role in Cryptic, that is a pretty damn ironic statement. I actually cited Cryptic as an example of "poor management of player expectations" in response to Sanya's latest post. For someone that claims to get it, it's pretty damn obvious he doesn't. See also HL.

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  3. All sarcasm aside, my point was simply that there are statements you can make that are legally true, but that most players would find intentionally misleading. Maybe you feel that this is in your best interest (if you can't afford to worry about the long run). Just don't expect us to feel sorry for you if you misrepresent the quality of your product and end up with some vocally disappointed customers.

  4. As a one time Hellgate:London player I find everything Roper says to be quite hmmm..."interesting". The fact he's associated with Cryptic should make players exceedingly wary of its games.


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