Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ever Test An Indie MMO?

Eric at Elder Game has opened up signups to test his one-man indie MMO, Project Gorgon.  I don't have the time to justify taking a slot among his testing ranks, but it's definitely an interesting project.  It's fascinating for me as someone who analyzes game design to see the choices that a real live developer makes on allocating development resources - choices that are easier to comprehend because of the scale (one developer, as compared to the $100 million AAA MMO studio).

If you have the time, and you find what he's written on the project interesting, I recommend the project.  It sounds like fun, and you might learn a thing or two.


  1. I've been following those posts as well. I'm amazed at the progress he's made apparently doing everything himself. Small project like that are where trully groundbraking MMOs are going to come from. Not big studios.

  2. Ive tested Era Online. Ive also tested Mirage Online, before I bought that MMO.

  3. I'm not yet at the point of asking for tester signups, but I thought I'd share that I am developing a small MMO at

    I've been developing it for a little over two years full time.

    I'm not talking about the game too much yet. Most of my blog posts are about I'm building an MMO, but there should be some details soon.


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