Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pet Battles For The New Parent

Doing our part in the blogger baby boom, my wife and I welcomed our first child last Friday.  Our little girl appears to be a gamer before birth - she arrived over a week late becasuse she wanted to get in just one more round of the "practice kidney shots on mommy" game - but both are doing well.  Ironically, despite the fact that I still do not own World of Warcraft's new expansion two weeks post launch, this addition to the family may make WoW a must-subscribe game for the near future.

I'd deliberately held off on trying both the new pet battle feature and finishing off my archaeology skill grind from last expansion, knowing that the baby was on the way.  These features turn out to be ideal for attending to a newborn.  The actual pet combat is turn-based, and the use of flying mounts means that I have no difficulty going AFK on no notice to deal with an unhappy baby.  Flying around the world and clicking on stuff (pets or digsites for the occasional change of pace) is pretty much ideal gameplay.

The game itself is pretty much literally Pokemon down to duels with enemy trainers - good thing you can't copyright a game concept.  That said, the brilliance of this system is that I can perform it on my own characters (progress is account-wide), with my own existing stable of pets (well over 100 from before pet battles).  I suppose the catch is that I don't really have as much reason to care about catching new pets given how many I already own - I already have pets with cool looks, unusual skills, and all the families.  Even so, it's a well-implemented addition that no other MMO does nearly so well, and happens to fill a niche for the new parent.


  1. Congratulations to you and your family, GA! What great news!

  2. Congrats! Baby girls are so precious.

    And welcome to my world. I leave WoW on in the background during the day, because that's when I always have my hands full with chores and the baby. But whenever I get a lull during the day? I jump on and do some pet hunting and battling. Considering how sporadically my girl naps, it's the perfect activity whether I get 20 minutes or 2 hours. It's something you can start and stop any time making it an ideal mini-game for any MMO gamer with a new baby.

  3. Congratulations to you and Mrs. Armadillo!

  4. Congrats, that's wonderful news!

  5. Admit it, you just want someone to gold farm for you in 8-10 years. ;)

    Try to get some sleep. :)

  6. Brian beat me to the "gold farm" joke! :)

    Congrats, and yes, the pet battle system is really nice. Several of my guildies went hardcore mode on it.

  7. Congrats GA and a big welcome to your new baby girl.


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