Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rise of the (Project) Gorgon?

As has been reported at various fine news and blog outlets, Project: Gorgon has hit Kickstarter.  I've been tracking this project via the blog of its creator for over a year now, and the effort is fascinating in how transparent the development process has been. 

As I mentioned last week, I have some concerns about the planned business model, but to some extent these fall into the "Kickstarter claims not to be a store" camp.  The plan is for a sandboxy, quirky, creative world where a class named "Dark Geologist" barely failed to make the cut and players must learn to die in creative ways if they wish to become a necromancer - who may or may not also be a werewolf (I'm not clear on what happens if you combine the two).  This project is on Kickstarter precisely because it's not the sort of thing that's making it to stores these days.

It's going to be interesting to see where this project shakes out - they are aiming at a sizeable sum when viewed in terms of the numbers of small contributors they would need to hit the mark, but working in their favor is the fact that the project is unique enough that it's hard to put an objective value on it.  Between respect for what they're trying to do and general enjoyment that I've gotten as a reader of Elder Game over the years, I'm definitely rooting for them.

EDIT:  Aside, despite having been a reader of both blogs for years now, I somehow never realized that Eric's wife was "secretly" (real name signed at bottom of blog) Mania of Petopia fame.  Any of you who have ever played a Hunter in WoW, or simply been curious about all the pets they can tame, are probably familiar with her work. 


  1. I've taken up watch on quite a few indies and I love kickstarter for that making it possible for gamers to create something they love. When you love what you're creating, you tend to do your best work. Recently I've discovered another indie in the making, they are planning to launch on kickstarter the 9th of this month, and to be honest, if they deliver even 10% of what they're planning, the game would be amazing... They put up a facebook page last night. It's really nice to see games with great ideas come to life, I hope it changes the stale air of MMO market.

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  3. The Mania blog hasn't always listed my real name. I was a bit worried about it at first - I didn't want to besmirch Petopia with my reputation as srand. But I realized pretty quickly that no one really noticed or cared. *grin*

  4. I have a disturbing tendency to support kickstarter projects and then promptly forget all about them. I think I've kicked in $25 into four or five projects and I honestly can only remember two of them (including PG). I guess I'll get a pleasantly surprising e-mail if and when any of the projects I've bought into go live.

  5. Good to see Project Gorgon striding forward. I'm not really a fan of Kickstarter, I'd rather support them when the game comes out. But very much hoping this baby turtle makes it to the sea.


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