Monday, August 4, 2008

Death Knight to Level 65 Status Report

So I hit level 65 on the Death Knight, theoretically leaving me with only three more levels of old content before I start on Northrend. Here are some summary stats:

/Played: 1 Day, 8 hours, 45 minutes (includes time leveling herbalism, and a fair number of technically unnecessary trips to Northrend to see if there was anything new on the Inscription trainers)

Trade Skills: 401 Herbalism, 125 Inscription (just about the highest currently possible in beta), 375 First Aid

Weapon Skills (note: 270 is the starting level): 301 Axes, 316 Defense, 270 Polearms, 319 Swords, 272 2H Axes, 305 2H Swords

Reputations: Honored w/ Exodar (all Alliance reps started at friendly), Honored with Honor Hold, Honored with the Cenarion Expedition (copied over 360 plant parts from live), Honored with the Aldor (copied over rep items from live), Friendly with the Sha'tar (spillover rep from the Aldor), Friendly w/ Kurenai, Neutral w/ Sporeaggar

Achievements: 35 completed, for 350 points

Quests: Completed a total of 212 quests according to the achievement stat counter. Have not done any instances. Entered Outland at level 58 and cleared out almost every quest in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh, as well as the Cenarion Thicket quest lines in Terokkar. Have not set foot in Nagrand, starting in on Blade's Edge next.

Gear: About half and half quest rewards (notably weapons) from Outland quests and gear from the DK starting quest line. I'm completing level 66-67ish quests in Blade's Edge currently, and there are quest rewards that may or may not be better than what I got from the DK starter line.

Progress towards Death Knight flight form: Working on it.

Disclaimer: There is not actually a Death Knight flight form. ;)

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LarĂ­sa said...

I just adore your DN pictures... Guess what my DN will look like? :)