Friday, August 1, 2008

Triumph of the Mechanostrider

A significant bug that I lamented a few days ago has been fixed. Death Knights now correctly have 150/150 riding skill, and thus are allowed to take advantage of the new mount storage interface. (Apparently they also were not able to learn to ride flying mounts due to the bug.) And that means it's time for....

Death Knight on a white robo-chicken horse-equivalent! Because, if you're going to take a "Death Knight" and make it a cute pink pig-tailed gnome girl, having the mount be white instead of black adds to the irony.

Then again, look at the glowing eyes on both of them. Wouldn't you be afraid if something like that came clanking out of the dark after you? Outland is no longer safe.... :)


LarĂ­sa said...

I almost feel a bit love for my old strider seeing this beautiful picture. But honestly the sound from it drove me crazy while doing the midsummer catch-fires-run. So I finally grinded rep with SW to get a more silent horse.

I adore your DK!

Green Armadillo said...

I'll admit, the noise is a bit annoying. My mage has access to all five Alliance racial mounts plus the Talbuks, and I will generally only bring out the mechanostrider for short periods of time for variety. Problem was, the first thing I did with my DK was level herbalism to 300, which meant lots and lots of mounting and unmounting. I got very tired of the screeching sound the Deathcharger makes, so I decided to switch it up with the bird.

The good news is that the new mount system takes zero bag spaces, so you're free to swap back and forth as often as you'd like. It's even possible to make a random mount macro for extra variety. The temptation to waste tons of money collecting all of the possible ground mounts on my mage is going to be very very strong. It would be fun to push the mount button and literally have no idea what's going to appear, what color it's going to be, etc. :)