Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mythic Improves Public Quests, Delaying the Day I Resubscribe to Warhammer

Via Jobildo, we have the patch notes for Warhammer's forthcoming Patch 1.1. Amongst various other improvements to the game is this little note:

"We have reviewed each Chapter in Tier 1, including all three racial pairings, and have altered one Public Quest in each Chapter (with the notable exception of Chapter One) to be suitable for 1-3 players. We have reduced the numbers on monster kill and gather counters, lowered the difficulty of the second- and third-stage enemies and bosses, and scaled down the rewards of these PQs correspondingly."
This is a great, and much-needed change. When last I played Warhammer, most PQ's beyond the very first in the newbie area were deserted. Now sure, you could fill up your influence bar for the non-random rewards by grinding the regular mobs solo, but it's a pretty long blue bar to fill 100 influence at a time. This change could really restore PQ's to their initial promise of providing group content that doesn't require the advance organization or commitment required by traditional group content.

So what's the catch?
"We will continue adjusting one Public Quest per Chapter through the remaining three Tiers in the weeks and months to come, so be sure to check the Warhammer Online Herald for updates on our progress!"
FYI, the tiers are approximately 10-level brackets, so this much needed improvment will apply to levels 1-10. If you're somewhere between level 11 and 40? Wait for an undisclosed number of weeks and months.

The unfortunate irony is that starting the job and stating that it won't be finished until later is actually a dis-incentive to coming back to the game right now. I don't know when I'll be back in Warhammer (EQ2 and LOTRO are also vying for my attention, once I get bored with Wrath), but I know that there are no soloable PQ's in Warhammer now, and that there will be some at some point down the road.

I guess this is why the PR folks do their very best to keep the Devs from ever telling us anything before it's done.

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Anonymous said...

I have found that you can actually create your own PQ groups and warbands. Maybe it helps I am a healer, but I merely put out on region chat that a open PQ group is on the go. You can grind out the PQ on your own, or come and do it with a group and at least have some fun.

It does actually work. Once you get past the initial 3 people, then it goes alot quicker in forming the warband. It just requires abit of effort to motivate people.