Monday, December 1, 2008

Warhammer character transfers for INACTIVE accounts

I can personally verify that Mythic is allowing inactive accounts to use free server transfers. WoW players are mainly familiar with free moves as a largely unsuccessful measure intended to disperse overcrowded servers. (They tend not to work because players aren't going to be able to convince all their friends and guildmates to move with them, and most people who spend enough time online to impact server load have friends/guildmates/etc.) Mythic is actually going the opposite direction here, as they WANT the servers to get more crowded, to provide larger populations for outdoor RVR.

The bad news is that they're moving players off of low population servers onto medium population servers, which is likely to result in a high population server and a no population server. Over 80% of the current respondants in a Waaagh poll want Mythic to suck up the PR hit and just merge the servers already. Unfortunately, Mark Jacobs is on the record saying that server merges are a sign of weakness - in my view, the sheer number of blogposts complaining about the servers being deserted are a sign of weakness too, but I suppose I'm probably more plugged into the Warhammer news media than most former players (who MIGHT notice news of server merges).

The catch is, former players might come back to their old server to find it deserted, with all of their guildmates transferred off. That's not much of a sales pitch, and I suspect that Mythic knows they will have an opportunity to make a pitch for former players in the coming months, so they've taken the forward thinking step of letting former players transfer their characters to follow their guilds/friends etc. Good plan. Between this and the server cloning experiment back in the game's early, overcrowded days, you can't accuse Mythic of being afraid to think outside the box.

Speaking of which, my Witch Hunter is located on the soon to be deserted carcass of Ulthuan. If anyone here plays on one of the destination servers for that transfer (Monolith, Skull Throne, Red Eye Mountain, Vortex, Magnus, Azazel, Iron Rock, Gorfang, Ungrim, Sylvania, Volkmar), holler and I might move to your server. :)

World event wrapup
As long as I'm posting on Warhammer anyway, the game's two recent Warhammer world events have just wrapped up, and Syp has a detailed write-up of each. As I mentioned over the weekend, Mythic had to gut the "daily" portion of one of the events during the holiday - Syp describes the resulting difficulty level as "almost insultingly Fisher-Price ease" - but overall it sounds like the two events were a pretty big success.

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