Monday, April 13, 2009

Poll Results: What games are PVD readers following?

My most recent poll asked readers which games they follow. You were permitted to choose as many of the options as you wanted, so hopefully no one decided to mess with the data by clicking "none of the above" in addition to other options. ;)

- World of Warcraft 120 (83%)
- Warhammer 35 (24%)
- LOTRO 15 (10%)
- EQ2 18 (12%)
- None of the Above 4 (2%)
Total Votes: 143

As expected, the majority of my readers follow WoW; the majority of my posts are still about WoW, and most of my inbound traffic comes from WoW blogs. (The post spread, based on my own arbitrary tagging, is 189 posts tagged for WoW, 48 for Warhammer, 22 for LOTRO, and 21 for EQ2, some posts are tagged for multiple games.)

I have a healthy minority who follow Warhammer (half of whom also apparently follow WoW), smaller numbers who follow EQ2 and LOTRO, and a handful of you who either read this blog even though you don't play any of the games I write about on a regular basis or just can't resist clicking on every last checkbox you see. ;)

Nothing major about the blog is going to change based on these results, I was just curious to see what the numbers would look like. Maybe I'll repeat this thing in another year and see if the numbers have changed any.

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