Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lots of Argent Tournament Rewards Coming In 3.2?

Via World of Raids comes some interesting Argent Tournament news. The tournament will offer some previously un-announced rewards for existing Champion's Seals:

"Bind-on-Account chest pieces: 60 seals
Bind-on-Account weapons: 60-95 seals
Bind-on-Account trinkets: 75 seals"

Additional notes from Zarhym:
"These heirloom items will also be offered for emblems in Dalaran.

The idea behind the Argent Tournament (Crusaders' Coliseum excluded) is to provide the solo or duo players an avenue to acquire some good gear over time without necessarily having to do 5-, 10-, or 25-player content. This is the primary reason why the Crusader title is required in order to access items that one would ordinarily find purchasable with emblems obtained through 5-player dungeons.

Just the same though, we don't want to cut off access to these heirloom items from those who spend more of their time in dungeons than partaking in the Argent Tournament, which is why they will also be available for purchase with emblems."

Several interesting points here.

First off, none of these new heirlooms have been seen on the PTR's yet. It will be interesting to see whether these new items are carbon copies (or even identical to) the Heroism heirlooms, or some new variations. At any rate, this large variety of new items that have yet to appear on the PTR's presumably puts a damper on some of the PTR-watching speculation that the patch will arrive on Tuesday. I would guess - and this is only a guess - that the Wintergrasp heirloom vendor may also be obtaining some new chest pieces to avoid being left out in the cold.

Second, this plugs a big ideological hole with the heirlooms currently in the game, namely that you have to do group PVE or PVP content (two weekly solo quests in Wintergrasp aside) in order to get heirlooms used primarily for solo PVE. If anything, the prices seem a bit on the low side by comparison to the other heirlooms. Daily quests will award 10 seals a day, with another 5 or so available through the new heroic 5-man dungeon. I.e., you can slack a fair amount and still bang out a heirloom per week. By contrast, it takes a minimum of a month to get a heirloom via weekly Wintergrasp quests alone, and something like 10 complete 5-man heroics to claim the cheaper heroic dungeon heirlooms.

Finally, the idea of gating solo-geared rewards behind the Crusader title - which represents six separate rep grinds - offers Blizzard a potential way to get around the problem of how to continue to offer solo progression as an expansion progresses. The challenge in this area has always been how not to step on the toes of entry level group/raid content. If you stick enough rep grind requirements on the task, players who intend to do group content will just do entry level group content instead of trying to cherry pick the best items out of the solo content.

This is not a pure experiment, in that some of the reputations in question have been in the game since its launch, and the new ones have been sitting around on daily quests that players have been doing anyway since the last patch. Still, Blizzard may be watching this experiment to see who actually snaps up the newest heirlooms. It will be very interesting to see whether this concept evolves further when we move beyond the patch currently being tested and onto the final (planned) patch of the Wrath era.


Lance said...

I think - and I could be mistaken - that heirlooms where available this weekend in the PTR from the AT vendor. But I am not sure if they are the same as their badge counterparts, although I'd bet they are :p

Fish said...

10 seals a day? I def get 1 easy, but I'm lucky to get another 3 if I can find a group for jousting and/ threat from above. I'm def waiting for BoA chest pieces, my guess on 3.2 is 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

1) From what Zarhym says it seems obvious these are the same items available for emblems on the PTR.
2) You can get 10 seals a day once 3.2 hits as it introduces new dailies for Crusaders.

Green Armadillo said...

@Fish: As the anonymous one says, they are adding new daily quests in the patch.

@Lance and Anon: It would certainly seem that the easiest thing to do would be to re-post all of the Heroism heirlooms (or all but the shoulders, Zarhym did not mention those) on a Crusader-flagged Champion's Seal vendor. I haven't been on the PTR's recently to check, but this was the first time I saw the use of Champion's Seals to purchase heirlooms appear on any of the major news sites.

Argon said...

I hope the heirloom chest pieces are available via badges, as the Argent Tournament dailies make me want to stab my eyes out. I only did them three or four times before I became intensely bored.

Green Armadillo said...

@Argon: The chests are available on the Heroism vendor (see the last time I visited the PTR). You can also get Champion's Seals via the new heroic 5-man and new dailies, but it sounds like you'll have to finish the existing grinds to be allowed to spend them.

Anonymous said...

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