Monday, August 17, 2009

Even More Ways In Which Dogs Are Like MMORPG Players

And now for yet more reasons why dogs are like MMORPG players.

Will jump onto or into everything

I don't know why you all left me at home for your grocery run, just cause it's 90 degrees out. Anyways, I'm bored, and it looks like you guys need help with some stuff in the back of the car, so I figured I'd hop in and help out!

In games that do not allow player flight, players will attempt to find their way onto, into, or on top of everything. Not because there's any good reason for them to go there. Just because it's there. WoW's flying mounts limit some of the possibilities, though the new hobby is trying to mess with no-fly zones, such as parachuting in on top of the walls in Wintergrasp.

Creative Uses of Game Mechanics

40 lb dog WTB paid race change to cat. Being light enough to sit on top of the chair back without collapsing the couch is an overpowered racial trait!

After screenshotting the above incident to prove that it happened, our dog's couch privileges were revoked. She learned very quickly that she's no longer invited on the couches, and that we will scold her if we see her on there. Unfortunately, like players who find some creative but hard to hotfix terrain exploit that trivializes a boss, she doesn't care that the design intent is that she is no longer allowed to lounge/slobber on every last inch of the furniture.

Really, being a dog owner makes me more sympathetic to the devs when "creative uses of game mechanics" happen.


Klepsacovic said...

Creative use of lap mechanics: Sitting on a lap on the couch, then slowly spreading and shifting to take a couch cushion.

mbp said...

Lol at the couch photo. She is one cute dog.

I can't quite figure out is she is comfortable up there on the collapsed couch back or if she is just hanging on for fear something else will give.

Green Armadillo said...

@Klep: Your dog is thinking small. Our dog had concluded that she has four feet while my wife and I have only two feet each, and that she should therefore be entitled to twice as much space.

@Mbp: Oh, she was very comfortable sleeping up there until we woke her up, that collapsed cushion was like twice as soft because she was sitting on the vertical side of a horizontal backrest. :)