Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snapshot of a Year

Today is Lyriana's first birthday. I happen to know this because EQ2 actually records characters' date of birth, along with other stats, and because I happen to remember the circumstances under which I decided to roll her up (dealing with WoW's sorry excuse for a Valentine's event last year). What exactly have I accomplished in that year?

Apparently there are stats for that too. I gained 80 levels of Dirge, 80 levels of Adventurer, and 141 AA's. I killed over 9000 foes, completed more than 1100 quests, learned 3400 recipes (crafting 3300 items in the process) and have dealt 5,000+ damage in a single hit.

It appears that players can expect this level of snapshot detail of our careers henceforth - the idea of social networking type pages for each of our characters is basically a standard feature at this point. I don't know if that's good or bad. At least it manages to be interesting.


heartlessgamer said...

I like EQ2's character info tracking. To contrast, Warhammer Online uses their Tome of Knowledge to track a ton of stats, but no where do they track character birthdays or important dates. Absolutely dumb to miss the basics IMHO, but EQ2's player tracking got it right.

Daria said...

Well happy birthday Lyriana :)
Glad to see you are surviving through the snow.
And I commend you on getting so far in EQ2 mostly solo. I've tried several times to get into the game, but always wind up stopping because the world is so large and I felt alone in it.