Monday, February 8, 2010

What the WoW Valentine's Holiday Really Needed

A limited-time daily quest boss with a rare mount is apparently just what Blizzard thinks the WoW Valentine's event needed.

In all seriousness, they've apparently revamped the entire event into a token based system after last year's debacle - Lyriana, my level 80 EQ2 character, was literally born during an evening I spent logging into WoW exactly once an hour to hit on the city guards. All of those achievements (even the once rare "perma-peedle" pet) are now guaranteed token drops, presuming the event is long enough to collect enough of them.

Of course, removing the RNG from most of the event doesn't necessarily change the complaint I raised about the easter holiday, in which Blizzard continues to design limited-time world events around a minimum amount of time investment they are hoping to get out of players. Did they get it right this time around? Not my problem, I've been there and done that.

Best of luck to anyone trying it this year, it can't possibly have gotten worse.


Longasc said...

I sense an alarming trend that achievements and the way such festivals are set up they have become more a chore than a true festival to most players.

This is not only a problem of WoW, but a disease that has befallen many MMOs and the way they celebrate nearly every holiday by now.

Bristal said...

Bored, bored, bored of Holiday Events and the tedious, repetitive tasks.

Kyosei said...

Very easy this time around. Did the bombing quests in Icecrown a few times and easily got the charms needed to finish up the meta. Can easily be done in one day if one felt like it.

Dorgol said...

This new Holiday setup is really MUCH better. I'm not super driven to run the boss daily, though - even with the mount drop.

Probably because it is yet another boss that is in a zone that protects Horde players while I'm still flagged. So I get there, find 18 horde, I die. But if I get there with 18 Alliance... the horde is safe to just sit there and /spit on me.

WTB Holiday boss in the Stockades... :)