Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blackrock Espionage

That's an interesting patch of grass you're looking at there, really, but maybe you'd rather find some higher ground?  Or point the telescope a bit upwards, towards our base?  Or not be chopped in half by my greatsword?  Not trying to tell you how to do your job or anything....

(In other news following up on yesterday's post, it looks like they have not updated the Draenei starting area beyond the addition of a flightmaster(s?).  The first quests are still set immediately after the crash of the Exodar, even though the new voiceover explains what the spacegoats have been up to since then.  No thanks, one more area off my list.)


Jick said...

I was getting the exploration achievement on my main a little while back, and found out that you can't fly in the Blood Elf or Dranei starting areas. No love for 'em at all, it seems.

The BE starting experience, in particular, really blew me away back when it came out. Cataclysm has made it seem quaint.

It still has the best music, though.

Yeebo said...

I took a Drainei up to 20 because she was my tailor alt and other alts needed bags and such. I really did not enjoy it much.