Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rift Server Choices

I got asked today which server I'm going to be playing on when Rift arrives.  I did decide to go with my gut and roll Guardian on the more familiar PVE ruleset.  I liked the Guardian lore and feel better than the Defiant side, and I've never been that fond of open PVP.

Guardian Side
My current plan is to join Ferrel and Massively's Karen Bryan on Byriel, a US PVE server.  (Their group had previously been looking at Belmont, but I'm glad they switched - being on the first server in the alphabetical sort can end poorly.) Pahonix and The Grubs guild are also rolling on Byriel. 

The US-RP server Faeblight seems to be a choice destination for Guardians and Defiants alike.  To my knowledge, the Guardian contingent includes Syp and Pete from Dragonchasers.  I'm neither for nor against the RP ruleset per se, but I don't want to be told that my server needs to be merged due to underpopulation but can't be merged due to the ruleset.

(This concern results from a bad experience with underpopulation on EQ2's LDL server, which lived on for months after it had become uninhabitable because there was no RP server with room to take us.  SOE finally gave up and merged it with a regular PVE server this month.  The "good" news for Faeblight is that so many people are heading there that it looks more likely to become overcrowded than underpopulated.  I've also heard a rumor that it's one of the unofficial Penny Arcade servers.)

Finally, if you're in the market for Guardian RP-PVP, Keen and Graav are taking their folks to the Guardian side of Sunrest (the US RP-PVP server).  I know they've had good success with their WoW guild, so this alone could be

Defiant Side
I know lots of people who have said that they plan to roll Defiant, but relatively few who have picked specific servers.  Here's what I know so far:
I'll probably roll up a Defiant alt eventually, if just to see some of the content, so I'll definitely be interested to see where my readers are playing.

Anyway, that's where I stand for now.  I will keep this updated and/or tweet tomorrow if/when I get settled in.  Also, feel free to leave a comment with your server, faction, and blog/guild if you'd like to be added to the above list.

P.S. If you're looking for unofficial oceanic servers, Buboe says you're looking for Wolfsbane (PVE), Briarcliff (PVP), or the ever popular Faeblight (RP).  


Pahonix said...

Me and my relatively small bunch of guildies are also rolling Guardian on Byriel. We've been on Byriel throughout beta, so we figured we'd stick with it.

Ardent Defender said...

Quite many it seem will be rolling on a RIFT server somewhere close. I rolled Defiant all through Beta and just like playing the underdog side or what may appear to always be the less good side if one can say that.

But all through Beta I was debating which server to roll on and if a good community of players or so was rolling on any particular server. So I've decided to roll on Faeblight a RP-PvP server with MMO Gamer Chick and the folks over at

For the group thats rolling there its all PVE even though its a RP server though no one is against whoever that chooses to do so. The guild is all PVE. The idea was that being on a RP server it would be at least a better community there than random X server of players. So sounds fine to me. For me just playing with a good group of friendly folks, bloggers was all that mattered to me to make the journey much more fun.

Magson said... is doing a Defiant guild on Faeblight called "Circle of Trust." Looks like they've got quite a bit of interest in it too based on their forums. I'll be joining them, methinks.

Green Armadillo said...

Ooops, got the faction wrong on the Defiant crowd with Fixed, thanks for setting me straight guys.

Sarducci said...

Paho? dang-it riu? TehGurbs ftw

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is a nice summary of where blogger populations will be playing!

I decided to go with the Multiplaying folks because they'll be on a PvE server, and rolling Defiant. I have a slight preference for them over the Guardians, but I may roll a Guardian alt also at some point.

Buboe said...

Just a quick note to any Aussies or Kiwis playing rift headstart.
There are no dedicated Oceanic servers at launch (so far :-))
But ausmmo has listed Wolfsbane for PVE Briarcliff for PVP and Faeblight for RP as unofficial oceanic servers.
Wolfsbane had plenty of aussies online in beta 6&7.
This might help getting critical mass for taking on rifts.