Thursday, February 3, 2011

Uldum Complete, Level 85

I finally hit level 85 on my Mage this evening, clearing out the quests of Uldum.  Personally, I enjoyed the zone for the pretty scenery and a decent level of challenge - I had to actually use cooldowns to survive encounters, especially if I got multiple mobs unexpectedly.  I'm actually somewhat looking forward to tackling the Twilight Highlands if it keeps the content at the level of Uldum. 

(For those keeping score, I did Hyjal and plan to do Deepholm on my Warrior, while the mage did Vashj'ir, Uldum, and some of the early quests in each zone.  I also got a lot of exp from some dungeon runs, archeology, and the daily cooking quest.) 

Armadillo, Green


Ysharros said...

Woot! Grats! :D

Yeebo said...


I'm really close to 85 now, and I've barely started Uldum. I really dig the zone(love the Egyptian theme), but I'm considering skipping straight to the final zone, with presumably better gear drops, and leaving it for my next alt up.