Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revenge of the Creepy Bunny Ears

Taking a bow after downing yet another world event
It's Noblegarden time in Azeroth, and I've got an alt who is now most of the way to the holiday Proto-Drake, so it was off to give the holiday a whirl.  It hasn't changed much since its 2009 debut, though this time I got relatively lucky with item drops out of the eggs - don't know if drop rates were changed or what, but I looted darned near to the minimum possible after obtaining all of the required items including the minipet out of random eggs.  

The only thing that kept this from being a one night event were the seemingly low populations on US-Quel'dorei, where my horde characters live.  There's an achievement for slapping bunny ears on female characters (only level 18+ mind you) that has gotten substantially harder now that the majority of both factions aren't hanging out in the neutral city of Dalaran.  In particular, female dwarves seem to be very hard to find.  

I thought this achievement was at least somewhat creepy the first time around - there is at least a possibility that a female character is actually being played by a female player who might not appreciate a crowd of guys looking to tag them with a Playboy bunny reference.  Without a neutral city to work with, further stalking measures were necessary this year.  

I ended up camping the Stormwind auction house in ghost form for about two hours (spread over two evenings) before finally finding a female Dwarf who didn't already have a pair of ears on her head.  (Following one who already had ears until they expired was not an option because my life expectancy upon reviving was not long enough to wait out the timers.)  There's also a macro on WoWhead for determining the race and gender of characters, since you often can't tell under the armor.  Overall, I could probably have signed up for a free trial account and leveled a female dwarf alt to 18 during the time I spent looking.  

Oh well, guess it serves me right for taking part in this particular WoW holiday ritual.  Next up, the dreaded Children's Week.
Camping the AH for a female dwarf.


Aracos said...
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Aracos said...

Hey I used to play Horde on US-QD. Say hi to my old buddies in Journey if they are still around. Great folks, miss them a lot.

Indy said...

5000g is a cheap price to pay for the flying speed increase, instead of having to grind through all the holiday stuff. I did the holiday achievement the first year/holiday it was attainable, and I *still* loathe holidays now. Mostly in WoW, but it spilled over into other game's holidays and even a bit to real life...