Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing Midsummer Spark

WoW's Midsummer Fire Festival kicks off tomorrow, and I will be in attendance since I have an alt who is a couple dozen bonfires away from the holiday meta-drake.  This has historically been one of my favorite world events amongst all MMO's, but I'm not that excited about it this year.  

My favorite part of the event has always been the little nudge to experiment with some alts, as bonus exp abounds from bonfires around the world.  With Cataclysm's linear zone progression, this option is far less interesting - I'm already outleveling zones before I even get to see the new storylines I rolled up a new character to visit. 

It would be nice if I were pleasantly surprised - if nothing else, my mage is sufficiently undergeared that I might actually use the cool-looking Scythe staff if I can obtain it.  Guess I'll find out over the next week or so.


Mike ... said...

I'm not currently playing Warcraft, and haven't seriously since October last year.

This article does, however, remind me of my first max-level character. My tauren shaman hit level 80 putting out the Auberdine bonfire two years ago.

I recall that I was flagged PvP at the same time as I dinged and a human paladin some twenty levels below me decided to have a go at me. Good times.

*vlad* said...

For the first time, I've decided to skip this Festival as an easy means of getting money and xp for a low level alt. It's easy enough already.