Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two EQ2 Mea Culpa's

Earlier this week, EQ2's producer told Massively that the game would be getting a 25th class this year, and I promptly speculated that it would be headed to the game's cash shop.  I was not alone, and I was wrong.  This prediction failed out faster than usual because I'm not the only one with a mea culpa - Smokejumper revealed that he screwed up when he disclosed the class so soon. 

If he hadn't said anything, no one would have known that it had been a slip-up; developers drop this kind of hint all the time without elaboration.  The problem was that the morale of the EQ2 playerbase is so low when it comes to new features that the speculation that the new class was going to the cash shop became widespread in the absence of further information.

During the two evenings after the interview was posted, I saw about half a dozen conversations about the news in general chat.  Each one went about the same - someone expressed disbelief, someone provided the link that confirmed the news, at least one person suggested that the new class would be the famous EQ1 Beastlord, and then conversation turned to what the class would cost in the cash shop and whether it would obsolete any of our current characters in order to encourage sales.

It's hard to get an accurate feel of the opinions of the "silent masses" of MMO's, but my experience has been that any subject that comes up repeatedly in public chat channels is much more serious than your average forum thread.  My guess is that SOE did not like the way the conversation was going, to the point where Smokejumper had to issue a clarification that the new class - whatever its other merits or issues - will not be in the cash shop. 

Time will tell whether the class will be the oft-rumored Beastlord, whether it portends an expansion focusing on Luclin (which was blown up in between EQ1 and EQ2 lore) or how it fits into the game as a whole.  If the curtain actually is coming up at Fan Faire, I guess we don't have that long to wait. 


Wilhelm said...

At one point a couple of years back I speculated that SOE would bring back the Beastlord class, but that it would be remade to more resemble the most popular class in WoW, the hunter, with the ability to go out and tame (and name) your own companion.

Yes. EQ2 has pet classes in the mage line, and you can tame a temporary pet as a hunter, but neither option has achieved the cult-like popularity of hunters in WoW.

It will be interesting to see what this 25th class turns out to be.

Stabs said...

It's not impossible that this is a fake apology, it would actually be a smarter way to disclose it than a straightforward press release as it sparks more interest.

What's odd is that they're releasing one class. All the other classes come in pairs.

That also probably means it's a neutral class. Although they've broadened the definition of neutral in recent times it means Beastlord could fit and perhaps rules out extreme classes.

I think Wilhelm is probably right, that it will be something between a EQ Beastlord and a WoW Hunter. I don't know if I'll play one but I'm glad to see content still coming after all SOE's recent layoffs and issues.

Starseeker said...

Looking at the eq2 class arangements...

You have Shaman, Enchanters and Summoners who have pets.

The original beastlord was somewhere between monk and shaman with a pet.

Seeing as they already have shaman, and seeing as they have so many issues with ranged rogue classes, I think that the beastlord will be more of a melee class with with pieces from every arch type. You'll maybe have a little bit of spells, little healing for at least you and your pet, little bit of ranged and mostly melee. Maybe one or two taunts or the pet will be a tank pet...What armor type? I would think to allow the best dps options if it is melee it would be Chain or Leather.

I think it will be a jack of all trades class, since it has no oposite.

Wilhelm said...

Beastlord it is, announced at Fan Faire.