Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ready to embark to Northrend

Well, I've picked up my expansion box (ah, the joys of having to go to a physical store to pick up a small sticker on the outside of the disc holder), and upgraded my account for Wrath. In an ironic turn, I'm actually not feeling all that well today, but I will be at work faking being well on expansion launch day because there's a meeting I didn't want to miss.

This screenshot does a reasonable job summing up my preparations. My quest log is completely empty. I've cleared out all but the most useful of the stuff from my bags - remaining are my hearthstone, enchanting rod, reagents (note the lack of light feathers, thanks to the [Glyph of Slow Fall]), fishing gear, and a few consumables. (I also have a small care package with some mana regen weapon oil and foods and mats for a few bags I had been holding off on making until I could get tailoring skill points for.) You'll also note some empty spots on the sidebar where items for level 70 daily quests used to live. I'm signed off in Menethil Harbor of the Wetlands, the closest Inn (gotta start on that rested exp for the first time in two years) to a dock that leads to Northrend.

Haven't logged off there in a while...

I do wish that I'd had time to clear out more space in my bank (I've only got 20-25ish slots), and to finish out a few achievements and quests (the items for which are occupying space in the crowded bank), but, either way, I'm ready to roll for the expansion.

Edit to add: My old post from August about getting around Northrend appears to be popular with Google searches over the last few days. If you're curious about your travel and banking/training needs, you might find it helpful.


  1. Don't have an empty quest long. Turning in just the dailies on the isle will net you ~120k XP. Do them now and turn them in before you head off to Northrend.

  2. Good thought, but I'm pretty sure you can't start earning exp until you're actually upgraded to the expansion, at which point you can go to Northrend. Given how good the loot is, and the fact that the various cloth, cooking materials, etc is going to be worth a lot more than the Outland stuff as everyone tries to level, I don't think it's actually worth spending time on any level 70 dailies.


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