Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Will Wrath's answer to Warhammer's "RVR lakes" Work?

Warhammer online has areas within its regular PVE zones where players are flagged for RVR. These are referred to as "lakes", because they tend to be in valleys or other such places to make sure it's clear where the boundaries are, and the result looks like a lake on your minimap. Wrath has an outdoor non-instanced PVP zone, Lake Wintergrasp, that I haven't spent much time with yet, but they ALSO have a very close analogy to the RVR lake. The area around the river in the Grizzly hills (with the Lumber camp at one end and Venture Bay at the other) has a number of PVP quests in the middle of one of Wrath's PVE zones.

Since, unlike Warhammer, WoW doesn't really have a culture of occasionally giving players a countdown and then flagging them for PVP (unless it's zombie week), Blizzard handled this by implementing quests that flag players for PVP for as long as the player has the quest in their quest log. Completing these quests awards [Venture Coin], which are used to purchase a handful of items (notably ranged slot items for hybrid classes, and a pair of trinkets - click the coin link for the list). There's another "lake-equivalent" area in Icecrown, but I don't know if it has a currency.

Will it work? Well, it did lure me in there, but, in true WoW PVE form, I went first thing in the morning. All the objectives can be completed by killing enemy NPC's, and I was in and out in about half an hour with 44 coins. The most expensive item on the vendor costs 70, so this is a 2-3 visit endeavor for me. I encountered a single enemy player, who killed me while I was farming mobs and was gone before I got back.

Real world PVP in WoW? Sorry, Blizzard, not this time.

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