Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Amusing Beta Screenshots

There was a new patch this morning, and I'm re-testing some talents before I go back to rambling about Death Knights. One immediate big improvement: the pier at the Stormwind harbor is actually long enough for you to get onto the boat to Northrend without falling off. ;)

In the mean time, I took some screenshots that you may find amusing. There was one image that I didn't have a chance to record due to sheer shock. Fortunately, Mania's on top of things: Devilsaurs are now tamable. This is not something you expect to see stomping your way when you're in town looking for the inscription trainer.

Death Knights now have a new loading screen, and new glowing eyes. I have mixed feelings about them, if you rotate the character in closeup it looks kinda like they put a pair of glowing eyeglasses on the character's face. Ah well. Side note, the glowsticks of doom in my hands are regular old Outland weapons (the 1H swords from one of the first quests in Hellfire and honored with Honor Hold). Through the miracle of rune forging, your leveling weapons get to look fancy and glowing, even if they're the same as everyone else's. (These are simply reused enchant glows as far as I'm aware, and not as good as having rune-blades with actual runes on them, but the DK-specific enchants are free and thus you can afford to use them more readily.)

And the Tauren Chieftains are in the house in Shattrath. This may or may not be the first picture on the internets of a Death Knight attending an ETC concert. :)

This is the view flying into the necropolis where the Death Knight trainers live. Believe me, a flight point from Light's Hope Chapel is a huge improvement. Before today's patch, they teleported you into the area behind Tyr's Hand, so you either had to ride through (and probably die) or go through a cave that unmounts you so you can end up in the area above the mill near Light's Hope.

Death Knights are getting a new flying mount, which looks like a seriously malnourished chicken. It's currently only available in non-epic form, and I think it looks silly. Yes, I know, this from the guy who aspires to put a pink pigtailed female gnome Death Knight on a robochicken because I find it ironic. Even I draw the line somewhere.

And finally, I've been asked previously about the Barber shop. The good news is that the UI is in. The place is located behind the SW AH (there's a barber pole), you sit in the chair and this is what comes up. The bad news is that I wasn't actually able to change my hair (though I was able to replace my earrings). Perhaps next build?


Moranin said...

And the 10,000 gold quesiton - can you replace the earings (or other items) with *new* options or just the same 3-5 options from default character creation?

Green Armadillo said...

Right now it's just the existing options, but there are supposed to be new ones down the road. The beta forums seem to think that the shop actually works for non-DK's, so I may have to swing by with the Pally.

LarĂ­sa said...

Change your hair? Why should you change your hair?

You've got the one and only hairstyle for a female gnome!