Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lament of the Mechanostrider

Cheerydeth finally stopped messing around with tradeskills and dinged 60. As I mentioned, I've gotten pretty tired of the DK class mount's screeching noise, so I rode off to buy myself a robo-chicken. Hm... that's strange, why are the icons for the chickens all red (i.e. unusable?). I mouse over one. Requires level 60 (in white, meaning that I meet the requirement). Requires Riding 150 (in red, meaning that I don't).

Uh... but I HAVE journeyman-level riding skill, and a 100% ground mount.

And so I open the skill panel, and sure enough I have Journeyman level riding... and 1/150 skill. Looks like a bug with the DK mount quest. There's no way to raise riding skill because you're supposed to be maxed when you learn it, and there's no way to unlearn it so I can relearn it.

Bought the bird just in case (they're converting mount items into spells in your spellbook next build), but poor Cheery may be stuck on her screeching death horse until level 70.

Ah, the things I go through in beta so that you, the paying customer, don't have to in live. ;)

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