Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random beta observations

Here are a few random things I've noticed as I run around the beta:

- The boat from Auberdine now sails for Stormwind's new harbor, allowing newbies of various Alliance races to team up without running through the Wetlands (about time, but I suppose I do feel a bit of nostalgia for making the run at level 5). The freed-up dock at Menethil Harbor now sails for Northrend.

- Speaking of Stormwind Harbor, the place is huge and gorgeous. They actually implemented a sight-seeing Griffon ride just so you can take in the sights.

- The Death Knight Deathcharger's mount-up noise has gotten really really old. In fairness, I've been leveling herbalism so that I'll be up to par by the time I get back to questing, and I've had to mount up a lot. But that supposedly unholy screeching sound is really getting to me. I was actually saddened to check and see that epic Mechanostriders require level 60 in addition to 150 riding skill (I have below 60 thanks to the DK mount quest). I don't even like Mechanostriders that much.

- I copied my Pally over with 100% full bags containing various care packages; 16-slot bags for the DK (who starts with 12-slotters), enchanting and tailoring materials for when I copy over my mage, Unidentified plant parts and other Outland rep tokens, cash, runecloth (leveling First Aid on the DK), some low end herbs, and a [Crystalforged War Axe] to ease the DK's journey into Northrend. (The last one may have been unnecessary. The first quest I was offered in the Borean Tundra offered a 100 DPS green 2-hander.) Unfortunately, if you want real info on Pallies, you're probably going to have to go to Blessing of Kings. They redid the entire seal/judgment system, in the process shaking up the talent trees, and I wasn't even sure where to start. I will definitely give the Pally a spin later on in Beta, but for now I want to focus on my DK. :)

- Achievements: The Pally copied over with 460ish Achievement points from about 60 Achievements. The DK starts with 50 or so for being level 55, and having both first aid and riding skill. I've been pleasantly surprised with how the achievements roll in. Without specifically going after Achievements, I've hit benchmarks in quests completed, falling without dying, leveling my profession, and exploration. (The exploration achievements have sub-achievements, worth 5 points per zone, and they only require you to discover landmarks that actually uncover map space, so you don't need to wonder about where the missing parts are if you've got a partially uncovered map. I unearthed four of them while herbing without really taking any detours.)

I'm sure there are random tidbits like these I'm forgetting. Is there anything you all are curious about?


Moranin said...

Hairstyles!!!!!! Inquiring minds want to know about the WotLK feature that convinced them to re-subscribe to WoW!!!!!!


Green Armadillo said...

Heh. I actually checked for this just about first thing in Stormwind. The Barber shop exists but, as far as I can tell, doesn't work yet. I don't think there were any differences to character creation up front, and I'm guessing this is one of those cosmetic things they haven't implemented yet.