Thursday, September 25, 2008

100th post!

Well, a 100th post isn't all that much in the blogosphere, but it feels like a milestone to me anyway, so here's a rundown of some stats about PVD:

- What have I been talking about in my first 99 posts?
44 of them were Wrath of the Lich King related (29 so far related to the Wrath beta), 18 were about Warhammer, 7 were about Lord of the Rings Online, and both Guild Wars and Stargate World walked off with two tags each. (Some of these entries covered more than one game.) I haven't been tagging WoW-related posts that aren't specific to Wrath (and/or in addition to the Wrath tag), since that would cover the bulk of the posts that remain in the archives, but perhaps I should. I've tagged a third of posts with the "PVD" tag, indicating that they somehow touch on the question of how developers add incentives.

- Who has been reading?
Feedburner says I've been averaging 74 daily readers (48 average daily subscribers, not sure if that count is separate or not) over the last month. Both numbers have been steadily increasing over time. Over half of you use Firefox (interesingly, most of those have upgraded to Firefox 3, I'm still using version 2 so I guess I'm behind the times), a bit over a third use Internet Explorer, and the rest use Safari or other browsers. English is the top language by far, but I see traffic in eight European languages (and Chinese).

-Where is the traffic coming from?
By far the largest individual sources of incoming links are Blessing of Kings (where Rohan put me on his sidebar blogroll), and Waaagh! (where Syp has occasionally linked to me even though he thinks I may or may not have called him chicken). Thanks guys! :)

Perhaps the most interesting of my inbound links comes from Cronache da World of Warcraft, which posted a summary and commentary for one of my posts. This might not otherwise be remarkable, except for the fact that the blog in question, and the post, is in Italian. (I hope he isn't saying that Greenwiz's mother wears twill boots or somesuch. ;)) In terms of search engines, the most popular search appears to be some variation of "how do you get to Northrend", perhaps written by players who have just gotten into the beta.

Well, that's enough rambling about stuff I've done. On to the next hundred posts! :)


krizzlybear said...

Congrats. The blog is definitively focused, and has a keen writing style. I look forward to reading more of what you have to offer.

Xtian said...

Kudos! Encore! Cookies!

Syp said...

Congrats and keep up the good work!

LarĂ­sa said...

Congratulations from one of your faithful followers

Khassad said...

I am the italian inbound link source ;) and a faithful daily reader.

You have to know that in italy average written-english level is far lower than in other european states. So, I read a lot of english wow-related blogs and I write a sort of italian summary of the most interesting news, with link and credit to the original source.

Gratz for th 100th post!! :)

Green Armadillo said...

Thanks for the kind words, all! :)

Khassad, I figured that was what you were doing, I took a year or so of French in college, so I could just recognize enough cognates, I was just amused to see that my work inspired commentary in another language. :)