Friday, September 5, 2008

Beta Premades!

Level 80 premades are now available on the beta servers. Sadly, we only get three copies to work with, so there are some decisions to make on my part. One of the three was easy; I've wanted to test out Titan's Grip for some time now, but my warrior is only level 61 and has a combined 25 points of weapon skill in the three 2H weapons the talent works with. This way I will actually be able to compare the Wrath Fury spec with the Death Knight on similar footing (though not identical, since the premade warrior comes with epic PVP gear). Obviously, with Cheerydeth halfway through level 77, I don't really need to copy a premade to get a level 80 DK.

Still, that leaves eight classes and two copy slots. One option is to send over the mage and pally premades. My existing 70's are both on the beta server (indeed, I can send a second copy of each to compare level 70 specs side by side if I want, since I'm no longer saving a slot for my warrior), but I have zero interest in spending significant time leveling them. Testing my existing characters would really let me look at what my favorite classes gain from level 70 to level 80.

The other option is to send over characters that I haven't played as much (or at all) in the live game. I've done this exercise on recent TBC PTR phases so I have some idea which classes interest me. There might not be level 80 premades for a while once the expansion goes live, so this might be my best chance to see whether classes I haven't played really shine with their new goodies. Of course, then I don't have much of anything to compare my experiences to, and I won't even know how to spec and play the classes in question.

This isn't a formal poll (I do have a poll going) but I'll be happy to hear any persuasive arguments you all might have on this topic. :)


Moranin said...




(2nd spec pure fire, of course...right? And you'll find a way to give Greenwiz some sexy pigtails...?)

Don't copy over the silly pally - you know you'll just end up speccing for buble hearth or auto-attack anyways... :P

Galoheart said...

Premades will be moved to another new test Server.

Green Armadillo said...

Yeah, Galo, I saw that (I don't get to post surf/post during the workday anymore). Ah well, hopefully I won't be docked a copy attempt (though I suppose it's a good thing that I was waffling on how to use the others, just in case), and I'll have a bit more time to think about what to do next.

The other good news is that sending pre-made characters to a new server may get people off of the existing server. I haven't really been trying to make progress on Cheery of late cause she's at about the level where she should be in the Storm Peaks, but they're almost always down.